Amino-N Plant Based Nitrogen Fertiliser

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Amino-N is a veganic source of nitrogen used as an alternative to animal-derived fertilisers. It is made in Canada from organically grown, non-GMO soybeans, and it acts both as a nutrient source and a biostimulant.

It boosts plant metabolism and supports vegetative growth by enhancing cell division and elongation. In addition, it increases uptake and transport of nutrients within the plant. Amino-N also helps plants resist stress, and even works to improve soil structure.

Highly concentrated and effective at very low doses, Amino-N is suitable for all plants and all cultivation methods and is especially effective as a foliar spray due to its ability to enter plant leaves quickly. It can be combined with other liquid fertilisers such as kelp and sea minerals and also with EM.

The amber coloured, neutral smelling, slightly sticky liquid is very easy to apply by simply mixing with enough water to cover the area. It will foam a bit, but will not clog spray nozzles or irrigation lines, and can also be used in hydroponic systems.

Amino-N is OMRI listed, ProCert approved, and USDA Certified Organic. Besides being non-GMO, it contains no synthetic or animal-sourced ingredients.