Rattan S-Type Clippers

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Limited edition garden clippers for snipping, clipping and light pruning. Hand lashed with a single unbroken length of wisteria tendril rattan by craftsmen in Sanjo, in the north of Japan. The rattan gives them a lovely warm quality that compliments the hard wearing KA70 carbon steel.

The 3" blades are  shorter than Topiary Clippers, but longer and with a bit more clout than regular snips, making them ideal as all-round garden shears. Incidentally, the smaller size fits female hands very nicely indeed!

They come served up in a kiribako Paulownia wood box  (yes - the one with the big leaves!) and make a most excellent gift.

As a natural material, rattan should be treated a step more carefully than our regular tool handles - not bashed about, not left out in the rain overnight (not a good idea, for any tools, incidentally...) and generally looked after. In particular, don't fold the lock catch inside the handle, as this can wear the rattan.

  • 3.1" (80mm) blades
  • 8.6" (220mm) long
  • KA70 Carbon Steel
  • Paulownia gift box
  • Made in Japan