Digging Fork

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This digging fork is larger than the border fork and is heavy duty enough to cope with digging over the largest of beds. The overall length of this ergonomically superior digging fork is 117 cm and the 24 cm flat tines will slice through heavily compacted soils.

Product Details

  • width of head: 7” (18cm)
  • length of head: 9.8” (25cm)
  • length of handle: 35.4” (90cm)
  • total length: 47.2” (120cm)
  • number of tines: 4
  • length of tines: 9” (23cm)
  • between tines: 1.9” (5cm)
  • material of handle: ash wood
  • weight: 3.7lb (1.7kg)


The Sneeboer family has been making garden tools for over 100 years. Sneeboer tools are beautifully designed and built for maximum strength and utility - the heads are hand-forged from one piece of stainless steel and they are fitted with ash handles from FSC-certified forests.