Leaf Rake Handheld 7 tines

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A small hand rake is a recommended addition to a basic tool collection. It is ideal for raking up debris around individual plants, small beds or other hard to reach areas.


How to care for your Sneeboer Tools:

Watch the video below and check out our Tool Maintenance Kit and Tool Sharpener


Product Information

  • Width of head: 4.3” (11 cm)
  • Length of head: 9.8” (25 cm)
  • Length of handle: 5.5” (14 cm)
  • Total length: 15.3” (39 cm)
  • Number of tines: 7
  • Length of tines: 7” (18 cm)
  • Between tines: 0.6” (1.5 cm)
  • Material of handle: Ash wood
  • Weight: 0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)

The Sneeboer family has been making garden tools for over 100 years. Sneeboer tools are beautifully designed and built for maximum strength and utility - the heads are hand-forged from one piece of stainless steel and they are fitted with ash handles from FSC-certified forests.