Transplanting Spade

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This is an excellent spade for working in tightly-planted garden beds - the narrow head allows you to get into small gaps between plants and dig without damaging neighbouring plants.

This digging blade is a unique design - it's v-shaped to make cutting through roots  easier. 

It's a versatile and practical tool to use throughout a day of planting because of its smaller profile and light weight - without the same fatigue that would come with using a heavier tool with a larger blade.

Has a T-shaped ash handle, which is unusual in North American but quite comfortable and easy to use once you get used to it. Less obtrusive than a bigger D-handle. 

Product Details

  • width of head: 4.3” (11cm)
  • length of head: 8.6” (22cm)
  • length of handle: 35” (90cm)
  • total length: 16.5 (107cm)
  • material of handle: ash wood
  • weight: 3.3lb (1.5kg)


The Sneeboer family has been making garden tools for over 100 years. Sneeboer tools are beautifully designed and built for maximum strength and utility - the heads are hand-forged from one piece of stainless steel and they are fitted with ash handles from FSC-certified forests.