Tobisho Barracuda Snips

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Introducing Barracuda Snips - a new tool for us from the Tobisho range. Thinner blades combined with the cutting strength of bypass secateurs mean they fit into tighter spots like regular snips, but have the ability to make smaller woody cuts.

Not as strong as secateurs, but tougher than snips. Lightweight, with a small grip, these are an excellent tool for smaller, weaker or arthritic hands.

Tobisho pruning tools are the crème de la crème in the Japanese gardening world. They are made in a small family-run factory in Yamagata, an area famous for the quality of its steel. All their tools are drop forged, with great attention to detail - they have incredible weight and balance and are such a pleasure to use!

Tobisho recommends sharpening with the Niwaki sharpening stones. All Tobisho tools come with a spare spring. View the entire Tobisho collection here.

Product Details

  • blade length: 1.9" (50mm) 
  • max cut: Ø8mm
  • weight: 0.4 lbs (192g)