Tobisho Hiryu Secateurs

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Quite extraordinary pruners from Tobisho, hand-forged to order. They are very popular in Japan for apple tree pruning, where the double spring and extremely light weight softens the impact of repeated cuts and  long periods of pruning on one’s hand and wrist.
The Hiryu differs from all other secateurs with its thinner blade, slightly hollow-ground on the inside, and a slight gap between blade and bypass - creating a finer and cleaner cutting action. There’s also a nifty reservoir of grease contained within the self tightening bolt system to self-lubricate the blades from the inside.

Tobisho recommends sharpening with the Niwaki sharpening stones. The high quality steel sharpens easily and holds an edge much longer than lower quality steel, but it is brittle and can be damaged through misuse. They are not meant to be used for heavy hacking, cutting wire or opening paint cans! Handle them with care, and clean and sharpen regularly and they should last you a lifetime!

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Tobisho pruning tools are the crème de la crème in the Japanese gardening world. They are made in a small family-run factory in Yamagata, an area famous for the quality of its steel. All their tools are drop forged, with great attention to detail - they have incredible weight and balance and are such a pleasure to use!

Product Details

  • Hand forged
  • Yasuki YCS-3 steel
  • 7.5" long (190mm)
  • max cut: Ø15mm
  • weight: 0.48 lbs (0.22kg)
  • made in Japan
  • leather catch at the bottom