Ladder Price Increases

Our long-awaited shipment of pruning ladders arrived at our Vancouver and Victoria warehouses this week.

Inventory quantities have been restocked on the website but quantities of most models and sizes are limited due to high demand and infrequent supply this year.

Ongoing supply chain problems and the high cost of shipping containers have resulted in significant price increases. However, we still believe that the price is worth it for the impressive safety and design features that you get when you buy one of these well-made Hasegawa ladders from Japan. 

If you want to better understand the problems that have caused the dramatic price increases in international shipping, I highly recommend a podcast miniseries called ‘Ship Happens’. Find it here:

We hope that the situation will ease within the next year or so, time will tell and prices will be adjusted accordingly if they do.

Available for warehouse pick-up in Vancouver & Victoria.

  • Pickup details provided on receipt of order.
  • Please order ladders separately from tools; they come from different warehouses. 

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