Niwaki Double Holster

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Winner of the Peoples Choice Award for Best New Product at the 2019 CanWest Horticultural Expo.

The double holster is such a sensible and clever gardening accessory because it simplifies the tool belt and prevents holes in pockets. Keeping your tools on your body means that you're less likely to put them down and then forget where they are. Or lose them in the compost heap.

In winter, when we’re doing a lot of pruning work, I carry a folding pruning saw and secateurs in it. For bed work, I switch out the saw and carry my secateurs with my hori hori.

Product Details

  • belt loop attachment
  • solid 3.5mm backboard (0.13")
  • copper rivets
  • hardwearing 3.5mm leather (0.13")
  • hand sewn
  • develops a lovely patina with age and dirt


Wear it with the Niwaki Belt