Silky Pocketboy - Medium Tooth

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Available in 2 sizes (use the drop down option)

A key piece of my basic gardening kit. These Silky Pocketboys are compact and so convenient, fitting neatly and unobtrusively into pockets, pouches, or holsters. It fits neatly into the back sleeve of the Niwaki double holster during winter pruning season.

I carry the 170mm in my Gardener's Toolbelt year-round so I so can deal with small pruning jobs as I go. Eliminates the run back and forth to the truck or the shed. Or the need to haul around your loppers. 

My go-to has been the Pocketboy 170mm with medium teeth – excellent for most pruning jobs that we encounter in our day-to-day maintenance rounds.

This year, we’re trying out a couple of new Pocketboys, the 130mm with a shorter blade is one of them. It is a shorter and more compact version and is even easier to tuck it into a pocket or pouch. But still able to handle most pruning jobs. In fact, the shorter blade fits more easily in between crowded, congested branches and I think it may prove to be even more useful for my maintenance business.

Both sizes have a comfortable, easy-to-grip rubbery handle and a 2-position blade-locking system.

Unlike western saws that cut on the push stroke, Japanese saws cut on the pull so there's less chance of the blade jumping, making for a cleaner/finer cut with a lot less effort.

Each Pocketboy has a colour-coded handle associated with the teeth configuration:


  • 170 has a 6.75" (170mm) blade
  • 130 has a 5" (130mm) blade
  • 8.5 teeth/inch, 10 teeth/30mm
  • cuts on the pull stroke
  • flip-lock case with belt clip included 
  • replacement blades available
  • rust-resistant, chrome-plated blade resists the effects of tree resin and easily wipes clean
  • made in Japan