Pocketboy - Fine Tooth

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Available in 2 sizes (use the drop down option). Replacement Blades also available.

A key piece of my basic gardening kit. These Silky Pocketboys are compact and so convenient, fitting neatly and unobtrusively into pockets, pouches, or holsters.

I carry the 170mm in my Garden Tool Belt year-round so I so can deal with small pruning jobs as I go. Eliminates the run back and forth to the truck or the shed. Or the need to haul around your loppers.

This year we’re trying out a couple of new Pocketboys, including this fine-tooth blade. I spied the blue-handles in use at Great Dixter in the UK a few years ago -  the fine teeth are better for cutting old, hard wood during renovative pruning. The shorter 130mm blade fits even more easily in between crowded, congested branches and is extremely useful when pruning old, overgrown shrubs.

The fine-tooth blade is also recommended for cutting other hard woods like bamboo and lumber.

Both sizes have a comfortable, easy-to-grip rubbery handle and a 2-position blade-locking system.

Unlike North American saws that cut on the push stroke, Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. A different sawing motion is required and you should know that the blades can be snapped through incorrect use. Click here for Sawing Tips & Saw Care.

Product Details

  • replacement blades available
  • blade locks securely in two positions
  • cuts on the pull stroke
  • non-slip rubberized handle
  • 170 has a 6.75" (170mm) blade, weight 0.45 pounds (200 grams)
  • 130 has a 5" (130mm) blade, weight  0.37 pounds (170 grams)
  • 8.5 teeth/inch, 10 teeth/30mm
  • chrome-plated, taper-ground blade is rust-resistant & wipes clean easily
  • impulse-hardened teeth for better cutting performance & stay sharper 3x longer
  • made in Japan

    Each Pocketboy has a colour-coded handle associated with the teeth configuration: