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Gold Leaf Gloves are another find from the UK, it seemed like everyone was talking about them last time I was there. A couple of years ago I bought the Dry Touch gloves for myself and my crew to trial, and they were a hit.

Last year, we tried the Winter Touch gloves for the added thinsulate thermal lining and rao-tex waterproofing - they kept our hands warm and toasty, even on the coldest, rainiest winter days. And that, I believe, is a West Coast gardener's biggest challenge on the worst winter days.

They are meant to fit snugly in order to provide a high level of dexterity, and the leather is extremely soft and pliable.

Reinforced palm, thumb and fingers means that this model is particularly durable for fall/winter raking, pruning, mulching and wheelbarrowing!

Sizes: Standard or Large (in England, Ladies & Gents)

Dry Touch - thin lining & water resistant

Winter Touch - fully lined with thinsulate & ski-dri waterproofing

Tough Touch - excellent protection from thorns & sharp, scratchy stuff

Care Instructions: 

The occasional hand washing in a bowl of warm water, with a few drops of mild dish soap, will do the trick. Give them a good rinse & hang to dry. Less is more when it comes to washing your Gold Leaf gloves in order to maintain the natural oils in the leather.