Opinel No. 08 Folding Garden Knife

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The No. 08 folding knife is the one that started it all, dating all the way back to 1890 when Joseph Opinel created a simple yet robust tool for the "everyman". A versatile size to slip into your pocket or your toolbelt.

Use it for propagation work, taking cuttings, harvesting, opening bags of product, lunch at the job site, or sharpening pencils.

This model is made from stainless steel with a beech wood handle.

Features a safety ring that locks the blade in the open and closed positions - so there need never be mishaps involving slipping blades.

Opinel has been crafting and manufacturing knives and tools in Chambery, France for over 130 years.

Product Details

  • length: 8" (20cm)
  • blade length: 3.5" (8.8cm)
  • weight: 3oz (85g)
  • 12C27 mod. stainless steel

Tool Care

  • Wipe the blade clean after use.
  • Dry the blade before closing.
  • Hand wash only, do not put it in a dishwasher.
  • Do not immerse your knife in water, as this could warp the wooden handle.
  • Keep your blade sharp with the Opinel sharpening stone.
  • Oil the handle and the blade after cleaning.