GR Pro Secateurs

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4 Options:  S, M, XL + Lefties (use dropdown menu)

The ‘double yellow’ GR Pro line by Niwaki offers an excellent selection of finely-crafted, hard-wearing pruning and clipping tools in a variety of sizes and shapes. There’s a GR Pro tool to fit every hand and every type of clipping and pruning job.

The secateurs have symmetrically curved handles that fit very comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The clever lock at the bottom of the handles is unique to Japanese secateurs, and doesn't stick or slip like other major secateur brands that shall not be named!

With a little practice you can use them one-handed: use your pinkie to open the lock and then push the lock against your hip to close it. An excellent feature when you’ve got your hands full!

Small: Our smallest secateurs, recommended for extra small hands.

Medium:  Recommended for small to mid-sized hands. They are comparable in length to Okatsune mediums and Tobisho SR-1s, and are just a bit lighter with a slightly narrower spread than either of them.

Large: For a fit in between medium and XL, we recommend the GR Pro S-type secateurs.

X-Large:  this is our largest pair of secateurs and is great for guys with really big hands! It is considerably heavier than the standard size (see product dimensions below) and has a much wider spread.

Left-handed:  our only secateurs specifically for lefties! It is slightly stockier and heavier than the Medium right-handed model.


Niwaki sharpening stones recommended for this model. The steel sharpens easily but they are not suitable for heavy hacking, and definitely not for cutting wire or opening paint cans.

4 Sizes:

Length Max Cut Weight Fits
Small 7.3"/18.6cm Ø10mm 0.4lbs/198g small hands
Medium 8"/20cm Ø15mm 0.5lbs/239g most hands
X-Large 9"/23cm Ø15mm 0.6lbs/280g extra-large hands
Lefties 8"/20cm Ø15mm 0.6lbs/280g lefties

Product Details


      • KA70 carbon steel
      • Drop forged & hand finished
      • Comes with a spare spring
      • Made in Sanjo, Japan